Volunteering at St. Sampson’s Centre

St. Sampson’s centre would not be the fantastic place that it is without our amazing volunteers.


Come join our team!

What difference does volunteering make?

Our experience at St. Sampson’s is that it makes a huge difference! Without our volunteers the centre would not be here! Each week we serve over 800 people aged over 60 in the centre, many of whom would be otherwise at the risk of living lives of isolation. So to be able to provide a welcoming social environment for them is priceless – This is the difference we see our volunteers making!

Volunteering looks different for each person but our vision remains the same “Give a little, help a lot.”

For some it means working in the kitchen preparing and serving food, for others it is front of house, assisting customers and clearing tables. Some people volunteer at our reception desk and others assist with seasonal fairs and events.